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Value-Added Services

CannOps has a collection of value-added services that aid with cost control and can increase the overall quality of the products. Distillation and the production of isolates can be done in order to create purified cannabinoids to meet the customers needs and/or to produce ingredients for further products.

CannOps retains close relationship with many of the advanced technology holders in North American and will leverage these relationships to continue to have the superior value-added technology in all operations.

Legislative Services

Through being involved in the cannabis industry for over 5 years, the CannOps team has been influential in the aiding start-up cannabis producers with compliance to legislative bodies. This is done through an exceptional knowledge of the regulations and through established relationships with the regulators.

CannOps strives to always be the leader with regards to compliance and can provide useful feedback to the regulators to ensure the practices required are effective and safe for labourers on site, handlers, and ultimately the consumer.

Educational Services

CannOps has approved standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for education in a variety of settings and forms such as print, webinars, videos and in-person seminars. CannOps has a package that can educate staffing, patients, health care practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, employers, military personal, politicians, school boards and more on every level of medical cannabis.

This will work within operational clinics with multi-disciplinary services and can be implemented quickly and effectively. Our patient-centric focus is to ensure best practice and best outcomes for the whole circle of care.

decades of combined experience toward serving you around the world, around the clock.


  • Founded in October of 2017

    CannOps has become a conglomerate of industry-wide expertise. CannOps is a multi-layered company focusing on education, patient care, legislative protocol, distribution, product development, research and development, and medical technology in the Cannabis industry.

  • The team has worked with some the largest cannabis companies in Canada in various facets of the industry – from the construction of growing facilities all the way to the delivery to the patient. CannOps focuses on maintaining best practices and continues to deliver the best quality of services in the industry. Through working with the most trusted staff in the cannabis industry, CannOps has become a dependable and caring company in all layers of our operations.

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